The laser removes tattoo pigments based on the mechanism in which pigments absorb the laser beams, being fragmented and eliminated via the trans-epidermal pathway or lymphatic system.




How do I prepare my skin prior to tattoo removal?

  • Avoid the sun or use sun protection on the treated area.

  • Skin exposed to the sun prior to treatment can cause increased discomfort as well as slow healing. For best outcome, please avoid the sun 48hrs prior to your appointment. 

  • Wear loose fitting clothing to reduce discomfort after the laser.

What should I expect during the treatment?

  • A local anaesthetic will be applied on the area to reduce discomfort. Cool pack will be applied during the treatment to cool down the skin. 

  • Immediately there is a layer of whitening (frosting) on the tattoo. This is caused by the gas evaporated within the skin. This means the treatment is working. This whitening effect typically fades within couple hours.

What should I expect post treatment?

  • After treatment, there are some swelling, redness, possible pinpoint bleeding on the area. 

What aftercare advice should I follow after the treatment?

  • Apply antiseptic/antibacterial ointment on the area for 3 days

  • Avoid excessive water on the area including bath, pool, shower, etc. because excessive moist delay wound healing process. 

  • Avoid any types of injury or trauma to the area.

  • Avoid direct sun exposure during entire healing time. 

  • Please wear sun protection with minimum SPF50+ when have to expose the area to the sun

  • Avoid scratching, picking, touching the area 

  • Wait at least 6 weeks before your next appointment


$288 for 60 minute treatment.